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Individual Counselling

For over 25 years, I have been providing a warm, accepting and empathic opportunity to people across the age and ethnic spectrum who present with a wide variety of problems.

I invite you to take advantage of the safe, confidential opportunity to discuss issues that have recently arisen or that you may have been carrying for years. Bottling up thoughts and feelings will often cause you to feel overwhelmed and stuck. By talking to me you will gain a fresh outlook which will help you to challenge your habitual coping mechanisms and open the way to new potential solutions.

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Therapy Models

I have been trained in and apply several therapeutic models to our work together:

Psychodynamic/Inner child Therapy - In order to understand why you are having difficulties in the present, we need to understand the impact of early formative relationships and experiences. This will give us a map of what needs to change and how.

Schema Therapy - Identifies your primary belief systems and personality profile. This awareness will give you greater choice over your decisions and actions.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - Practical interventions to change unhelpful thinking, habits, feelings and behaviours.

Emotion Focussed Therapy - In a safe place, you can develop greater awareness and understanding of your emotions which usually inform your motivation and current behaviour. You will then be empowered to conduct yourself more effectively to reach your goals.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Mindfulness - You will learn to avoid the anxiety of the past and future and to stay in the present. You will thereby achieve greater tolerance of discomfort and a state of calm from which you will operate more effectively. You will also identify what is truly important to you (your values) to guide, inspire and motivate you to improve your life.